Pitching Clinic Part 2 – Bill Hillhouse

Pitching Clinic Part 2 – Bill Hillhouse – Produced By Gary Leland

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One of Hillhouse's most common taught theories is why the softball goes where is does when it is thrown. He teaches why the softball goes high or low or to far inside or to far outside. He teaches that they should not pull the arm straight up but actually across their body more so that they can push hard with the elbow and not to use a straight arm to much and can use the natural flow of the body. He also says that you have to point with the front shoulder so you can position where you want the softball to go. If you keep your front shoulder straight then the softball will go straight but if the shoulder gets out of line then the softball will not go where the pitcher wants it to.

He also talks about hiding the ball when pitching so that the coaches cannot see the grip on the ball so the batters will not know what pitch is coming. To hide the softball you just have to just keep the ball in the glove on the side of your hip so that the ball is hidden from both the first and third base coach. When hiding the ball it is less likely for the batter to know what pitch is coming and they can't anticipate the pitch that is coming. He also says not to slap the leg when pitching because it is a timing mechanism for the batter and it makes the batter more likely to time the ball and hit it better.

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