The Pitching Distance – Pitching Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is for pitchers needing to improve or practice control and accuracy.

The pitcher starts at half her normal pitching distance from the catcher, and throws a few strikes.

The pitcher then backs up to another designated line, about 10 feet behind the first, throwing a few strikes again.

This continues until the pitcher is throwing from approximately twice the pitcher’s normal pitching distance.

The coach can determine how many strikes she must throw before moving on to the next line.

The important point about the pitching distance drill is that the pitcher should essentially keep her form the same as she pitches, regardless of the distance. It is important that she provides the correct amount of power, keeping the body mechanics and pitching technique the same.

As the pitcher moves father out, she should focus on:

– Taking a longer stride

– Making a more controlled final down swing

– Getting a good flick of the wrist at the release

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