Pitching Drills (Kindle Book)

Softball Pitching Drills

Pitching Drills By Gary Leland

My first Kindle book is short and sweet.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but I still remember when I first started coaching my daughters fastpitch softball team. I had played a little baseball growing up, and some slowpitch softball along the way too, but I knew nothing about coaching girls fastpitch softball.

I soon found out two things:
1. Fastpitch softball was a sport of its own. While so many thing are the same, there are many things that are different in fastpitch softball than baseball, or slowpitch softball.

2. I knew nothing about coaching girls at all. Playing sports had not really taught me how to coach, and it defiantly did not teach me anything about coaching girls.

I do know that one of the main things new coaches meed, and are looking for is information. This book is my attempt to provide another source for that information.

While I admit I did not come up with all these pitching drills. Many of them have probably been used for years, and years. What I did was find many of the great pitching drills I used with my pitchers. Then I wrote them in an easy to understand format. Trying to make them easy to learn and use.

While this may be a guide for coaches to help their young pitchers, this is also be a great resource for parents hoping to help their daughters become better fastpitch softball pitchers.

As I said before it is short and sweet. That is why it is only ninety nine cents.

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