How To Prevent Pitching Injuries

How To Prevent Pitching Injury by Bill Hillhouse Produced By Gary Leland

In this episode of the Fastpitch Softball Chat Show, Bill Hillhouse talks about how to prevent common pitching injuries and their causes. Pitchers have a violent movement when pitching the softball because of the explosive movement towards the catcher. Bill covers 4 of the most recognized injuries softball pitchers complain about and the preventative steps to recognizing what you are doing incorrectly.

Four Common Injuries:
1. Shoulder soreness in the front – Most common reason, the elbow is locked as they throw the ball.
2. Shoulder soreness in the back – Most common reason is the ball/arm is to far from the head when the arm makes the circle for the pitch.

Things to look at, Is her arm stiff and locked in the rotation, is her arm to far away from her head during pitch. Straighten the arm during the pitch don't lock

3. Lower Back Pain – Caused by the pounding when “landing” during pitch release.
4. Tendonitis in the knee – Caused from landing on hard surface as those who practice indoors.

Things to work on, strength training and conditioning in her core, and around the knees.

Bill Recommends:
The Mckenzie method of back treatment – series of stretches and preventative maintenance.

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