Who Is Your Player’s Greatest Coach?

Who is your player’s greatest coach?

Who is your player’s greatest coach? Written By an Anonymous Coach

Many parents ask the same question: “How can my player improve their softball skills?”

As you hopefully know, there is only so much any player will learn during winter softball clinics, league games, tournament games, and/or at team practices.

Every coach will tell you that in addition to the items listed above, your player also needs to “Practice – Practice – Practice!”

Parents – that is why YOU are the GREATEST COACH to your player.

Their desire and passion for any of life’s opportunities starts with YOU.

Are YOU interested in their success?

Do you want your player to be the best they can be at softball?

If you answered YES, let’s take a look how you can do to help your players become their best!

When you ask your player “Would you like to do some extra practicing?”

How would they normally respond?

Unfortunately, most players will say they do not want to practice.

That is because they need a coach (i.e. a parent) to help them make the right decisions for success.

As you know, if any player stops learning and practicing – they will never improve/succeed.

If YOU let your player make most of the “decisions” and you do nothing to help them improve – your player will not improve/succeed.

Your player’s success or failure is directly related to YOUR involvement in their decision making process.

If your player really wants to be their best – then they MUST do MORE than just attend a few winter softball clinics, practice with their team, and play a few games per year.

Yes – those are important, but they are not enough for those players that really want to play to their potential.

Your player is an individual who MUST develop and improve their own skills.

Please do not let your player’s softball teammates, coach, age group, or level of play effect your player’s desire and passion to learn, improve, and do their BEST.

Parents – YOU are the GREATEST COACH to your player.

Question: Do you ask your player if they want to go to school?

NO! You send them to learn and practice about life subjects (i.e. school).

Do you ask them if they want to do their homework (i.e. practice)?

No! You hopefully have them take time to study – Maybe YOU even help them!

Ever heard of music lessons?

Every week – all year long – you pay for your player to go to a clinic/private lesson and then you also make sure they practice at home.

Does this make sense?

Why is softball any different?

If your player wants to be a better hitter, infielder, pitcher, etc., then they are telling you that they have the passion and desire for softball.

Then it is up to YOU to provide them the opportunities to develop and improve their softball skills (i.e. passion and desire).

In order to be successful and improve, your player must have these opportunities ALL year round.

This includes, practicing at home (inside/outside), attending various softball clinics, and/or take one-on-one private lessons (hitting/fielding/pitching/catching/etc.).

As you hopefully understand, simply attending a few winter softball clinics, team practices, and team games is not enough for your player to reach their potential.

Parents – YOU must be your player’s “LIFE” coach/trainer.

Your player’s desire and passion for ANY of life’s opportunities starts with YOU.

Do not blame others for your player’s lack of success – remember YOU are their greatest coach!

Helping your player succeed in life is one of the greatest rewards any coach and/or parent can achieve.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this article – If you replace the word “softball” with any other life sports/activity (i.e. singing, golf, cooking, gymnastics, dance, basketball, etc.)…

The same success story will hold true – YOU are your Player’s Greatest Coach!

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