Positivity Jar

Written By Natasha Watley

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Positivity Jar

New Years resolutions are a love/hate thing with me. I love the idea of a New Year and a new beginning but sometimes my resolutions are unrealistic and become unattainable. They suddenly become a burden that haunts me throughout the year, and if I don’t stay on track, by the end of the year I feel like a complete failure. The end of my year becomes a focus on what I didn’t do, or accomplish as opposed to what I did do. So if you’re like me, and don’t like focusing on the negatives, this year lets focus on what we did accomplish. Recently, while browsing through Pinterest (I take no credit with this I found an idea that helps you focus on all the positives throughout the year. Of course, I instantly wanted to apply it to my softball life and season. This year, I encourage you to attempt to keep a positive jar, so that it will be filled with positives as you reflect back on your year. With the positives jar, you can fill your well (literally) with notes however often you feel or want. Whether you’re filling it with accomplished goals, or to just a great day you had on the field, it will be the most rewarding feeling when December rolls around. The jar can be a great marker to see how far you’ve come since January/February.

Fill your jar with:

  • Accomplished goals
  • A great day of practice
  • Time when a drill, or something clicked for you on the field
  • A great game played
  • Championship won
  • Funny moments on the field w/ teammates
  • Season/career milestones

The options are limitless of what you can add into your Jar. So be creative and have fun. Set a reminder on your calendar daily, weekly or monthly to remind yourself to contribute to your jar. The kicker is ONLY positive entries go into your well. The negative ones get to go straight to the trash.

If you’re like me and want to get away from that sluggish feeling of let down at the end of the year, let’s end this year with the highest of highs by filling our well throughout the year. This year get rid of the stress and focus of having to uphold a resolution and focus on remembering the positives that you’ve completed through the year. Now if you have goals and you complete them, you can celebrate and remember them before the countdown begins. I encourage you to do this with friends and teammates, so that you can share and celebrate each other’s highs this year.

Softball Season is approaching fast so good luck to everyone! Have fun filling your wells!!


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Natasha Watley: has mastered softball on every level; from travel ball, all the way through her professional career by taking home a gold medal from the 2004 Olympics & a silver medal from 2008 Olympics. During the 2004 Olympics, Watley, assisted the US Softball Team on their third consecutive gold medal in Athens, by breaking the Olympic record for stolen bases. Also internationally, Watley is a two-time Pan American Gold Medalist three-time World Champion, and a four-time World Cup Champion. Visit Natasha's website at NatachaWatley.com

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