PowerLine Fastpitch Mat (Review)

PowerLine Fastpitch Mat

PowerLine Fastpitch Mat

The PowerLine Club K Fastpitch Mat is the perfect training tool for pitchers that are learning to throw different pitches.  In fastpitch softball you hear the term power line thrown around.  This mat clearly shows where that power line is.  When a pitcher goes to a pitching lesson sometimes a coach will tell them that they have to get across their power line or they are not on their power line.  This mat that is 3′ x 9′ in size, and weighs 45 lbs and is 3/16″ thick, features a unique triple guideline system.

The mat comes with a 1/2″ thick pitching rubber that replicates the actual conditions on a pitchers mound. That way the pitcher is not adjusting on the mound to a different height.  There are two lines on either side that are regulation pitching lane lines.  Then there is a middle line that shows the power line or line of force.

The mat is made from a softer vinyl material.  It is softer than a pitcher will be used to; this will protect leg muscles and joints from the strenuous conditions of always being on a mound.

The two outside lines comply with association regulations. The center line is the actual “power line” or line of force which indicate optimal foot placement and balance during the pitching motion.  This way you can use it in a gym as well and protect the pitchers legs.

It has a one year warranty against manufacturer's defects.

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