Pre Game Hitting Part 2 – Todd Buckingham

Join us for the follow up session with Todd Buckingham covering pre-game hitting. Produced By Gary Leland

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In this episode Todd breaks down each of his 30 minute hitting circuits. Todd has constructed 10 – 3 minute hitting stations that will target each area of a fastpitch softball players hitting technique. But remember, consistency is key, work on these stations in practice before trying to do them before a game.

An important aspect to Todd’s pre-game warm-ups for any fastpitch softball team, is making sure that each station is manned by a coach or someone to hold the player accountable for warming up correctly.

Tune in as Todd breaks down his Front toss, bottom hand/top hand tee, inside/outside tee, leg drive, mini ball, heavy ball and bunt stations. He also explains exactly what each station focuses on and how it helps improve batting performance.

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