Pre Run – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill will warm players up before games to prevent pulled muscles and build endurance.

Players will begin with a slow jog from the foul line to center field and back.

Now the players conduct one of the everyday stretches (Making sure to keep them even i.e. If you stretch the right leg then you must stretch the left leg as well)

Then the girls will lunge out until they reach 2nd base and then back to the foul line.

The girls will then again conduct another stretch.

Now the girls will do but kicks till they reach the second base line and then back.

Another stretch.

Frankenstein walk (Holding arms straight out and kicking the palms of your hands) to the 2nd base line and back.

Another stretch.

Then the girls will finish with build up running. Jog slowly and build up to 50% speed, then 75% speed, then 100% speed. Continuing the stretching in between.

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