Quick Hands – Fielding Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill creates a fun atmosphere, while improving hand speed and footwork.

This drill is done with a group of four or five.

One person (the thrower) begins with 2 softballs and stands about 15′ from & facing the other (three or four) players in her group.

The thrower will toss a grounder or a line drive to one fielder, who will field the tossed ball and make a good, quick throw back to the tosser.

As the ball is being released by the fielder, the thrower tosses the second ball (again a grounder or line drive).

Now we have established a two-ball drill, with two balls going at the same time.

Balls can be tossed by the thrower to the same fielder in succession or maybe thrown to any of the fielders at any time.

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