Quotes and Notes Game 10:
LSU 4, Georgia 1

2016 Women's College World Series

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2016 WCWS Quotes Game 10 LSU Vs GeorgiaSunday, June 5, 2016
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
LSU – 4, Georgia – 1


Beth Torina, Constance Quinn, Bianka Bell, Carley Hoover

THE MODERATOR: Right now we have LSU on the dais.

BETH TORINA: Congratulations to Georgia on a great season and an outstanding senior class. Those guys have just been record setting for that program, some of my favorite players in this conference to watch. Congratulations to them on a great season and a great run here at the end.

Proud of my team and their effort. I think we have three athletes sitting up here that were huge difference makers in the game, each in their own right. I thought our team started the day by playing really solid defense and keeping their slappers off base, being a non-factor in the game. I think that was huge, and then a great performance by Carley. Obviously a good effort by Bianka Bell. She's pretty good. And then Constance stepped up at some great times and had some big moments for us, too.

Q. Beth, you've seen Carley throw a lot of gems over the last two years. All things considered, has she ever been better than today?

BETH TORINA: Honestly it is definitely one of her best performances. I've seen some great ones. I still think Tennessee at the SEC Tournament was pretty phenomenal, but she threw a great game today and a gem is pretty much what I was thinking in my head, too, that she just kept them off balance. They are a great offense, maybe the best offense in the SEC and she kept them off balance all day, did such a good job keeping us in it and just commanded the zone, commanded her pitches. I was really proud of her effort.

Q. Bianka, what can you say about hitting a couple home runs? Were you surprised that she threw you that one upstairs again on the second home run?

BIANKA BELL: I don't think it was as high as the first one, but I was just looking more down in the zone because she struck me out at-bat before on three inside low pitches, so I was just thinking get my barrel head up to the ball and just see it down and just make contact.

Q. How have you guys been able to rally here between back-to-back wins and now you're back in the winner's bracket?

BIANKA BELL: I think it starts in the circle. When Carley and any of the pitchers are just doing a great job, we just know we have to find a way to get runs and score runs for them, find a way on base and just pass as much as we can. I think it will really help us out if we continue to do that.

Q. Beth, with such a quick turnaround against such a good opponent, what are you going to spend the next few hours doing?

BETH TORINA: We'll get the team off their feet, take them back to the hotel. The staff did some prep work on Oklahoma last night. There was no other way to do it. It wasn't that we were looking past Georgia. But tried to do them both last night just so we could be prepared on a quick turnaround. I've been here before on a quick turnaround, and honestly was completely unprepared for the second game. I think we're in a decent spot. We've reviewed the film. We're ready to go. It's nice to know who the next opponent would have been. We'll be as prepared as we can.

Q. Bianka, kind of going off of that, you had two home runs in this game. What kind of momentum can that create for the next game, and what do you have to do to prepare for Paige Parker?

BIANKA BELL: She's a great pitcher. We saw her last year and a little bit this year just watching her throw. I know Coach is going to have a good plan for us and what we're going to go when we get up to the plate and just try and get on base and rally for my team, same thing I've been doing this whole season.

Q. Beth, you don't ask Carley to just give up one run. You don't ask Bianka to hit two home runs. But when they do that, are you not surprised? What do you think of their ability to rise to the occasion?

BETH TORINA: Well, they're both experienced players. They've been in big spots, and they've had these big moments before, so it's not that we're surprised by it or expect it. But we've seen them do it before, and it's still huge moments for them. I mean, to hit two home runs in the same game of the College World Series, that's an unbelievable experience I think for her. Am I surprised? No, because I know capable of doing it, but it's a huge moment, and to see Carley pitch like that, we've seen her pitch well for two years now in an LSU uniform. So I'm not surprised to see her pitch well, but I'm really happy that she did it here on such a big stage.

Q. Connie, given where you were a couple of days ago after these last two performances, how do you feel about where the team is at going into tonight?

CONSTANCE QUINN: I'm pretty confident. We're confident, as well, as a team, and I'm not necessarily worried about whether we won't fall — whether we'll fall to the occasion, but I think that we're building each other up, we're encouraging one another, and we're playing our best softball right now.

Q. Beth, what kind of momentum can this create playing two games in one day, especially after winning the way that you did yesterday and then into today?

BETH TORINA: Well, I've continued to say that our team thrives in these situations, and there's just something about it when the pressure is on them, they have performed, and they have come through. So this is some place they've been before. They understand what it takes. I mean, at this point they get to play to win, I think, and Oklahoma has to play not to lose because they don't want to play that second game with us. I think we get to go out, play LSU softball, play confidently, play big, and let the cards fall where they do.


Lu Harris-Champer, Alyssa DiCarlo, Sydni Emanuel, Chelsea Wilkinson

THE MODERATOR: We have University of Georgia on the dais. Coach, general comments about the game?

LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: It was a good game, hard- fought battle, just can't say enough about the heart of both programs. I'm really proud of our team and our seniors, just want to wish them the best in the world. So proud of this team in the sense and the way that they've just really overcome adversity and really became strong as a unit, and just really the love and belief and trust that they have for each other. They will always be special in my heart, and just very proud of the women that they are.

Q. Lu, when you think back on this senior class, what legacy do you think they're going to leave behind?

LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: The ability just to really believe and care and really have great trust for each other and just — you know, the grit and the heart and how much they just really get out there and compete and work hard for what is best for the team. Very selfless. Just can't say enough good things about them.

Q. Sydni and Alyssa, going forward, what sort of lessons did you learn from this senior class and how much of that can be carried forward into next season?

SYDNI EMANUEL: I think one of the biggest things was they always told us to have fun, always be yourself, don't ever be afraid to be yourself around your team because your team is going to be your family at the end of the day. We have to carry that over to the next year. I think that'll be huge for our incoming class. We're going to have a big class of 10 freshmen, so that'll be huge for them.

ALYSSA DiCARLO: This class just never stopped fighting. I can take that from them. They compete every pitch, and I just think that that's good for the next class to be instilled in them.

Q. Coach, talk about what — she just mentioned about the incoming class. How big is it and how much of an impact are you expecting to carry over and get the team back to this point next season?

LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: You know, every year we're going to work hard, and that's going to be our ultimate goal is to get ourselves here and put ourselves in position to compete for a national championship. But I really just can't say enough about this team, team 20, and how locked in they are, how strong they've been together, and really how they grew in their strength and belief of each other as the season went on.

Q. Chelsea, when you think back about your career and kind of what you guys are leaving behind, the big Super Regional win, getting back to Oklahoma City, what kind of legacy do you feel like this senior class is going to leave?

CHELSEA WILKINSON: Well, obviously like this has been such an incredible journey for all of us these four years, so you know, we were just really focused on family this year, and I think that was just really huge. You know, the program was here before us and it's going to go on long after us, so just the relationships that we built throughout this journey which we'll carry throughout our lives.

LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: And that's the epitome of the senior class right there. That was outstanding, Chelsea.

Q. For Sydni and Alyssa, how much can the streak you guys got on in the postseason, how much can that stuff carry over into next season, and what are you guys going to do as returning players to make sure that that momentum keeps going?

ALYSSA DiCARLO: Just to never stop fighting. We're a scrappy team, so if you just keep competing every pitch — that's what we did in the postseason, so we've just got to keep doing what we're doing.

SYDNI EMANUEL: Same thing as Alyssa said, but with the new team next year, every team has its own personality, but a big theme for Georgia softball is to never stop fighting, always compete, always go after whoever you're going against.

Q. Coach, Bianka Bell and her performance, two home runs for them; what did you think of that? Were you trying to — Chelsea got the strikeout the second time Bianka came around. Did you say let's challenge her again? What happened on that second home run?

LU HARRIS-CHAMPER: Well, I think Bianka is a great player, just straight-up a really, really good player, great hitter, and she's brought a lot of heart for her team, and she did an outstanding job today. I thought Chelsea pitched an outstanding game today, as well.

Sometimes that's just what happens.


Game 10: LSU 4, Georgia 1

  •  No. 10 seed LSU defeated No. 16 seed Georgia, 4-1, in an elimination game Sunday in Game 10 of the 2016 Women’s College World Series. The Tigers improve to 52-17, while Georgia ended its season with a 46-20
  • LSU advances to the WCWS Semifinals and face No. 3 seed Oklahoma at 8:30 p.m. CT. The loss eliminates Georgia from the 2016 WCWS.
  • In its third WCWS appearance (2009, ‘10, ‘16), Georgia drops to 6-6 all-time with today’s elimination game loss. The Bulldogs, the first No. 16 national seed to reach the WCWS since Hawaii in 2010, failed to reach a fourth game for the first time in program history after making back-to- back semifinal appearances in 2009 and
  • Sunday’s meeting was the first between Georgia and LSU at the WCWS. The Bulldogs fell to 1-3 all-time against SEC opponents during the WCWS.
  • LSU’s Bianka Bell led the Tigers with a 2-for- 3 performance at the plate, finishing with two home runs, two runs scored and three RBI. Bell put LSU on the board in the bottom of the first with a two-run homer and tagged on another run for the Tigers in the fifth with a solo blast.
  • Bell is the 13th player to homer twice in a WCWS game and the first since 2014. She is also the first LSU player to record a multi-homer game at the WCWS.
  • LSU’s Constance Quinn added in two hits and drove in LSU’s final run of the game in the bottom of the fifth
  • Georgia’s Maeve McGuire pulled the Bulldogs within one of LSU in the top of the fourth with a RBI groundout, scoring Alyssa DiCarlo to make the score 2-1. McGuire recorded at least one RBI in each of Georgia’s three games at the 2016 WCWS.
  • After recording one RBI during Georgia’s stay at the WCWS, senior Tina Iosefa ends the 2016 season with 87 RBI, a Bulldog program and SEC single-season record. The mark is also 15th on the NCAA all-time single-season list. Iosefa also finishes her Bulldog career with 214 RBI in four seasons, which ranks fourth all-time in
  • Georgia’s lineup was held to one run or less for just the eighth time (0-8) in 66 games in 2016. The Bulldogs averaged over six runs (6.32) per game this season and were shut out just once. During regular season play, LSU also held Georgia to one run in a 5-1 victory on April 2.
  • Attendance for session five was 8,938.

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