Rawlings 5-Tool Quick Hands Trainer Review

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Rawlings 5-Tool Quick Hands Trainer Review

The game of fastpitch softball is a quick paced game. Everything happens in the blink of an eye, which is why it is, arguably, harder to play than baseball. The average collegiate athlete gets from home to first base in less than three seconds. That means after she puts the ball in play, it moves through the air, you have to get the ball out of your glove and make a good throw all in less than three seconds. Sounds impossible, right? Well, obviously it isn’t because you’ve seen athletes make this play time and time again. How did they get to be so proficient in making this play look so effortless? One of the training aids that assists in glove to hand quickness is the Rawlings Quick Hands Trainer.
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This tool mimics the feel of a regular fielding glove on your hand, but is flat to force the fielder to use two hands. It has elastic finger slots on the back to secure your hand. Another advantage is this trainer is made with high durability foam to make the transition that much faster. This creates muscle memory for effective glove to hand time. The Rawlings Quick Hands Trainer also works to encourage proper fielding techniques. Coaches can hit or throw ground balls or even fly balls to players using the Quick Hands Trainer. This tool is a great multipurpose fielding aid!

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If you want your softball player to be quicker in the field, my suggestion is the Rawlings Quick Hands Trainer. This tool works for players of all ages. No matter what stage of the game your athlete is in, this tool can assist in bettering their fielding performance.

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