Private Club Rules Explained


If you have been given this link then you have probably been removed from the Fastpitch Search on Facebook.

There is really only one reason people are removed from the groups on Facebook.

The reason being you posted about something other than players finding teams

As the rules state “All post should be pertain to a player looking for a team, or a team looking for a player.”

You may of posted about a tournament or scrimmage.
You may of posted about fastpitch lessons.
You may of posted equipment for sale.
You ma of even posted about a fund raiser.

Any of these are against the rules.

I check and double check every post before I remove someone from the group.

Sometimes people post on the group page by accident, and sometime people just don't read the rules.

Ether way if you have been removed from a group there is a $10 charge to rejoin.


You can use the following form to rejoin a group.

The $10 charge is per group

Which State, Age Group Joining
Your Facebook Name


All post should be pertain to a player looking for a team, or a team looking for a player.

This is not a public forum to talk about softball in general. There are plenty of other places for that.

In other words no yaking, no selling, no tournament listing. No spamming, no clinics, no argument making.

If you post about anything other than a player, or a team search you will be removed from the group,

You will be charged a fee to be added back to the group.