Approaching The Change Up Pitch

Approaching The Change Up with Rob Crews

Produced By Gary Leland

In this episode of the Fastpitch Softball Chat Show, Rob Crews covers a great topic on ideas to approaching how to hit the change up pitch. Rob
says this is one of his favorite topics, because although it may not be the most effective pitch, it is the most feared pitch in the box.

When developing hitters, Rob tells us why he feels differently than most coaches and that this pitch can often be a free home run if approached with the right mindset.

Key Take Aways:
1. Proper swing mechanics and being able to stay back.
2. Focusing on the approach and mindset before stepping into the box.

Rob Recommends:
If we have a change-up pitcher who is going to throw two or three change-up pitches for one at bat, we have to make the decision to hit that pitch or let it go before you step in the batter's box. Once you decide you can still adjust but not always a good idea depending on the hitter. Decide your change-up rules, are you going to swing at a low or high pitch, or are you going to sit on the pitch and wait for a fastball.

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