Is The Sacrifice Fair, Or The Toll To Heavy?

Peter Church

Peter Church

Written By Peter Church

This past season, my daughter moved from the team she played with for 6 years to play for an “elite team” an hour's drive from home.

When, the tryout carousel began shortly after labour day, we had made the decision to move. A arch rival team made a strong pitch for her and I thought it was a reasonably good fit. We made the trip to the other team, and it was evident that they were the best choice in every aspect. I look at teams from the top (coach) down, the lady running this team is as good as advertised.

The cost was going to be 2.5 times what we paid last season. Added to this, 7 US tournaments(we are a 14U Canadian Team). hotel, fuel, meals etc. We budgeted this to be an expensive season. We are by no means millionaires, and are fortunate to be able to do this. It means sacrifice for and from both parents. We did so willingly, also, thinking that for this we would receive additional effort from our daughter who to this point really has only marginally increased the commitment we assumed would have accompanied this joint venture on the family.

At what point, do we as parents, decide this is too much to expect? Starting Grade 9 this year the workload, along with school sports has left very little time for anything else. Are we as parents placing too much emphasis on the cost to her, visa vi, the limited return on it we receive?

We have modified, altered home duties to accommodate all, mostly at our own expense. Is it too late to get this genie back in the bottle? We have, rationalized, cajoled, threatened, and yet it seems expected . Tonight, I sat and shared some of the the concerns, that the level of commitment from her does not seem to match what is expected of us.

Fairly or otherwise the required commitment,” put the I phone down”, I stated that to prove your in the trenches with us, then show some level of sacrifice.

What is a realistic expectation as a parent?

What is a realistic expectation as a player?

Few people,realize the window of opportunity, until it has closed. The required level of desire and commitment should be in unison from Parent and Player, what is the best method to match the levels?

She has loved this game ever since she picked up a bat at 4 yrs old, blessed with god given ability, worked tirelessly to get to a high level at a premium position. Clearly, we are at the crossroads, and wanting the best for her, but not at the expense(pun intended of her)

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