Is Windmill Pitching Safe?

Is Windmill Pitching A Safe and Natural Motion? by Dr. Sherry Werner Ph’D Produced By Gary Leland

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  • Fastpitchdad_12

    While I believe Dr. Sherry Werner opinion is her own, the late Tim Timmons taught the windmill pitch is a natural fluid motion of the human body for pitching, unlike baseball pitch which is more stress on a pitchers shoulders and rotating cup. The amount of top notch pitchers he has trained proves his teachings, while I sure that Ms. Werner is going by her science. I’ll take experience in teach over decades over a theory of one doctors opinion on unproven science. Nothing personal, but I have two pitchers without injuries that have been pitching since 7 and 8 years old who have been pitching for almost a decade each, trained in Mr. Timmons pitching techniques. This of course is my opinion only.