Scrambled Eggs – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is a fun and challenging way to teach players to keep their hands over their head to have a nice clean slide

Line the players up at 1st base. Use 2 raw eggs. Tell them to hold on to the eggs, run towards second, slide, and don't break the eggs.

Don't give each girl two eggs – use the same two eggs over and over.

After they've each made the trip to 2nd base twice, put a rope across the path — about three feet in front of 2nd base for them to slide under. (This will give them the incentive to stay low on the slide. Make sure the rope is held very loosely!)

After they've done that two times, take the eggs and have one of the players come and look at them. Point out the fact that there are lots of little cracks in the eggs and that they're getting pretty weak.

Get the girls to slide into 2nd, pop-up and run to 3rd and slide. Then they should run to 1st and hand the eggs off.

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