Shin Guard Shuffle – Catching Drills

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill focuses on getting acquainted with the equipment, footwork, hand-eye coordination, endurance and quickness. Softball Catchers must develop themselves physically aside from just developing skills.

This drill has 2 catchers in full gear

The two catchers will be facing each other about 4′ apart

On the command of the coach the catchers will shuffle in a circle and wait for the coach's next command

The coach's commands include:
“Left”: Rotate Left
“Right”: Rotate Right
“Up”: Simulate a Pop Up
“Down”: Simulate a block in the dirt
“Throw”: Simulate a throw to second
“Push-Up”: Do an actual Push-Up
“Sit-Up”: Do an actual Sit-Up
“Jog”: Jog in place

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