Sign System – Catching Drills

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Fastpitch Drills

This exercise is to remind catchers of the basic rules of pitching signs and give a few helpful hints to better the communication between the catcher and the pitcher.

First, finger movements should be slow and controlled. Rushing the signs will not allow the pitcher to clearly read the signs.

When making a sign the catcher’s hand should be placed back against the cup or groin and the fingers should always be pointing down.

Make sure that the fingers are not too low so that the on-deck hitter or individuals behind the catcher cannot see the signs.

Close off both knees and keep them facing towards the pitcher. If knees are open, then the coaches in the coaching box may be able to see your signs and relay them to the hitter. (There is nothing wrong with stealing signs if the catcher is doing a poor job)

Have a little hand movement as possible. Do not give away pitches with loud arm or hand movements.

The key is to move slow, deliberate, and subtly.

Practicing this with just the pitcher and catcher or in front of a mirror is very beneficial.

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