Softball Slapping Clinic Part 1 – Jessica Mendoza

Softball Slapping Clinic Part 1 – Jessica Mendoza – Produced By Gary Leland

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Mendoza talks about how to work your feet and to have an explosive first step to become a successful softball slapper. She says to have an explosive first step so you can adjust to the pitcher so you're not too early or too late. She also says that the first step needs to be toward the pitcher and not toward first base because you do not want the slapper to rush getting to first base.

Mendoza also talks about how to position your hands on the bat so that it is not too noticeable as to what you are doing to the defense. She says not to choke up to try and hit a soft slap but actually to just aim the softball to hit the end of the bat because when the softball hit the end of the bat verses choking up it is not noticeable to the defense and it still comes off as softly. She says to practice just soft slapping and hitting the softball off the end of the bat to be more accurate at aiming for that little spot to hit with. If you would like to view Jessica Mendoza's bio visit

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