10 Key Softball Resolutions For 2015

John Michael Kelly

“10 Key Softball Resolutions For 2015” Written By John Michael Kelly

It's the end of yet another year and a great opportunity for athlete, coach or parent to do the mental work in both reviewing 2014 and planning for 2015.

Before we get on your softball resolutions for 2015

let's review 2014 with some key points and questions to contemplate:

1 – It's important as parent, coach or player to honestly assess the progress your athlete or team made in 2014. Write down areas that player/team excelled in (acknowledge progress), and those that still need improvement.

2 – Do a “SWOT” analysis, listing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; “opportunities” might mean areas of growth, a new team, a new position, a new physical or mental training routine. “Threats” might mean the downside of a weaknesses if not improved (loss of position, being cut or not playing, not being actively recruited), areas of an athlete's or team's mental game that continue to plague them (Remember, insanity is defined as doing the same things over and over yet expecting different results!). 

3 – Assess your athlete's motivation during the year. Did she do all she could to improve? Did she show the commitment to justify your family's time and money invested in her game? If not, have a conversation with her to gauge where her head is at.

4 – Have a discussion with player or team to get her/their perspective. How do they think they did? What areas of their game do they feel good about and what areas do they think need work? This will build “ownership” in their process of improving going forward.

5 – Assess your athlete's current team. Has it been a good fit? Is she getting optimal development and/or college exposure opportunities? Is she getting reps? Is the team/parent chemistry supportive and a fun environment to be around? Are the coaches communicative and supportive, or harsh and overly demanding?

Looking forward to 2015 here are some key points and questions for you to consider:

1 – Set some measurable goals for the New Year. They could be performance goals; however I would suggest you focus on the “process” rather than the “results.” As such your/her goals might be the development of a definitive physical or mental training plan (which can be as simple of taking x number of swings per week, or pitches, or ground balls, or various strength and conditioning hours). Use a chart to track progress, as this can be a great visual motivator for athlete or team!

2 – Be honest about the weaknesses of your game, whether athlete or team and commit to putting in the focused time to turn those weaknesses into strengths!
Make every practice count, whether team or individual. Always practice with a purpose and practice with the same intensity, focus and energy as you would put forth during a game.

3 – Pitchers should develop a well-defined “bullpen” regimen, particularly if only able to work indoors the next few months. Mastery of six different pitches takes time, so why not focus on a single pitch each week and throw nothing but that pitch? 

4 – Work on shifting your mindset as athlete or team to what is possible, instead of what you know? In other words next year can be the same as last year if your mind isn't open to the possibility of more. Get outside of limiting comfort zones and dream a little. How good do you want to be? Great…devise a plan to get there and GO FOR IT!

5 – In truth, 2015 can be the very best year your athlete or team ever has. But it will take a conscientious effort to get there. These 10 resolutions offer a great place to start! Thanks for reading and may 2015 be your best year yet! –John Michael Kelly, Softball Smarts

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John Michael Kelly

John Michael Kelly

John Michael Kelly: John Michael Kelly, America’s Sports Confidence Coach, is known for skyrocketing the self-confidence and game performance levels for thousands of youth athletes and teams from coast to coast by reducing the stress and increasing the joy for playing the game! John also coaches travel softball with the 18u and 18 Gold teams for The Next Level (“TNL”) organization in sunny San Diego. You can follow John at SoftballSmarts.com and Facebook.com/SoftballSmarts.

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