Softball Slapping Clinic Part 2 – Jessica Mendoza

Softball Slapping Clinic Part 2 – Jessica Mendoza – Produced By Gary Leland

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To power slap its more about hitting the center of the bat and hitting right on the sweet spot because the softball is likely to go far. She talks about a more simplistic slap where she just wants to make sure the contact is solid and not so much of the full swing. When slapping if you use the explosion of your legs and good solid contact the ball will go far. Depending on what type of slap that you are wanting to do it depends on where you should place the softball on what part of the bat.

She also talks about where you should place the hit depending on what the defense looks like. Depending on how strong the infield looks depends on where you should place the slap and what type of slap you work with. Even some uncommon placements can work with certain teams and certain defensive players. Basically just know the defense and work off of it. It is good to work the short game on some defenses. A split grip is a good choice for short game and certain situations in the game. If you would like to view Jessica Mendoza's bio visit

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