Speed Conditioning – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is great for the off-season in increasing a player's speed

All players will begin at home plate.

One player at a time will take her batting stance, take a swing, and take off through first base.

When the entire team has completes this the players will line up to run a double and then back to the end of the line, run a triple, then finally the players will run all the bases.

Now, the first runner, again, will take a swing and take the turn at first and then wait at first for the second player to swing and then she takes off to second. She will take the turn at second and then wait on second for the third player to take her swing before going to third.. and repeat with all players.

Once all players have finished that part they will begin again.

The goal is to incorporate sorter and longer sprinting distances with small breaks in between for maximum result in speed.

This will exhaust the players and should be done with 3-4 days of break before repeating the drill again.

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