The 2015 Spring Games


“The 2015 Spring Games” written by Gary Leland.

I am in Clermont, Florida sitting on the runway waiting for my flight to take me back to Dallas, Texas.

I have spent the last week at The Spring Games hosted by PFX Athletics, and I thought I would share my thoughts about the event.

The Spring Games are a great event. Spread out over three weeks with over 300 teams, this is the largest and probably the best college softball event in the world.

You are probably thinking how does anyone handle a three week college tournament with over three hundred teams? Well I never said it was a tournament. The Spring Games are more like spring training. D2, and D3 teams get an opportunity to play and get prepared for the season. It is a ton of softball for sure.

The majority of the teams in this event are from the northern part of the country. They leave their softball fields that are covered with ice, and snow to come to Florida where it is in the mid 80s everyday.

If you ask any player what they like best about the Spring Games they will say “the fields are clear of snow”, Ask the coaches what they like, and you will hear the same thing. Yes just being able to play outside is good enough for many of these teams.

Thanks to Alison Strange and all of the PFX Staff this is a great event. I would actually have to say this is one of the best softball events I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot of them.

Alison and her staff not only run a great event, but they work with local businesses in Clermont to make your stay exciting 24-7.

The even helped Sarah Jones, a local performer put together a play about softball.This was probably the first theatre performance about softball ever written. It even had a song written by two time Olympian Dot Richardson. I loved the show, and would recommend seeing it to everyone.

With so many teams playing so many game you would expect to have problems. During my week visit I never saw any problems at all.

One thing I was impressed with was the way the City of Clermont supports the Spring Games. I interviewed the Mayor, the City Manager and other city officials. They all agreed that the Spring Games bring so much impact to the City Of Clermont that it deserves their backing.

I would recommend every college softball program contact Alison Strange today, and put the Spring Games on your list of events for next spring.

For more information on this great event go to, and maybe I will see you there next year.

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