Star Game – Fielding Drills

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is a sufficient way to have infielder's learning to get rid of the ball quickly.

Infielders stand at their positions (except the pitcher)and the ball starts at the catcher, who throws to the second baseman.

The second baseman then throws to the third baseman.

The third baseman then throws to the first baseman.

The first baseman then throws to the shortstop.

The short stop finishes with throwing back to the catcher.

While this is happening, a runner is running the bases. They leave at the same time as the catcher starts the cycle.

The fielders usually start to move towards the middle, making it easier on them. Let them do that for a while, until it gets too easy, then make them start backing up. After they get a few steps in the grass the faster runners start making it close. (the runners like to see a dropped or missed ball)

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