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A great tool for Softball and Baseball Coaches.

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This may be one of the easiest to use, and best tools ever created for a softball or baseball coach.

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Starting Line-up Board Product Review

One of the most time consuming parts of coaching fastpitch softball can be filling out your line-up before each game. After you fill out that line-up card, one of the three copies goes to the umpire, one goes to the scorekeeper and the last one (and of course the faintest) you get to keep for your team to have. So you give your one and only copy to your dugout coach to rely the starting line-up to your team, and your coach loses the line-up. What do you do? Now, you have to bother someone for the one of the other copies. This could have all been avoided by having a Starting Line-Up Board.

The Starting Line-up Board is a large, dry erase version of a line-up card. It has a clip that attaches onto the fence to increase ease of use. Using this aid allows your players to see the line-up before and during the game, and it helps ease the flow of the batters into the batter’s box during game play. This is also a great way to have an extra copy of your line-up in case someone loses the original. The line-up board is also a good way to display fielding positions.

starting line-up clipboardHanging Line-Up Player Board
The Starting Line-up Board is a great tool to use to communicate to your team and the other coaches. The game of fastpitch softball is very fast paced and now your team will not have to wait to hear their spot in the batting order or their fielding positions. And most importantly, never again would you have to worry about losing the line-up sheet because you would have another copy hanging on the fence.

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