Stations – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is for building leg strength, improving explosion off the bag when running, and speed.

Coaches will set up the field with ladders going from home to first, small hurdles or cones, 2 feet apart, from first to second, and softballs spread about 2-3 feet apart between second and third.

The first player will use quick feet to put each foot inside each the ladder rung all the way to first base. Then the next player will start.

From first to second the players will hop over the cones or hurdles bringing their knees all the way up to their chest.

From second to third the players will lunge pick up the softball to either the right or left of the player, pick it up, and move it over to the other side, set it down, lunge, and repeat. the next player will to the same, but the ball may be on a different side.

Then from third base the player will jog back to home plate to begin again.

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