Strike Zone Plate (Review)

Strike Zone Plate

Strike Zone plate

The Strike Zone Home Plate is a great trainer not only for pitchers but for catchers as well. As you can see there are three different colors on this home plate.  Each color represents where the ball should or should not be thrown.  For a hitter this is a good reminder where the pitcher is trying to throw the ball.

The red area that runs down the middle of the plate, is where you do not want to ever throw a pitch.  This is an area as a hitter that they want the pitch to be thrown because they can send the ball flying.

The yellow area is better than the red area. The hitter is going to have to adjust a little to the pitch but not as much as they will on the green area or off the plate.

If a pitcher hits the corners or off the plate they have a better chance of getting the ground out or a strike out or a fly out than in the red or yellow area.

This plate could be used as a catching tool as well.  This will teach a catcher where to set up and where not to. The goal of a catcher is to make that pitcher look good, if the catcher is set up down the middle this will make the pitcher look like an idiot. This Strike Zone Home Plate is good for an umpire to learn where the strike zone extends to as well.

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