Taryne Mowatt Answers 10 Questions

taryneIf you are a regular reader you know I started a new set of blog posts called 10 questions. On these blog posts I send 10 questions to great softball players, and coaches. Then I am posting the questions with their answers.

This week Former Arizona Pitcher Taryne Mowatt answers our 10 questions. Written By Gary Leland

A. I was 4 years old when I first started playing T-ball in Cypress Girls Softball Little League.

Q. Was there anyone special in your life that helped you become a great player?

A. There were a lot of people along the way that helped me out. The main two people were my Dad who has been to everything with me and is always trying to make me better. The other person is Doug Finch, my pitching coach. He has taught me everything I know about pitching.

Q. How do you get ready for a game?

A. To get ready for a game is pretty simple for me. I don't do anything superstitious. I really just like to relax, eat a good meal, and get my head in the right place. I go through a mental checklist of the other teams' hitters and review what pitches I want to pitch to them, but that's really all the preparation for a game I do.

Q. What do you like to do when you are not involved with softball?

A. I am actually a closet nerd and I love to read. You can always find me curled up with a book and getting lost in a whole other world.

Q. What factors do you feel have influenced you the most to become the player and you are today?

A. I think my family always being there for me and helping me out through the years has made me become the player that I am today. My parents instilled hard work and always finishing up something that you've started. And going to the University of Arizona has shaped me both athletically and personally. I have met some great people through the University and some of my best friends today were my teammates. They have shown me what it means to truly be apart of a team.

Q. Do you have any routines are superstitions that you implement regularly?

A. No, I'm not really superstitious. I respect other people's superstitions, but I haven't found something that I do every game.

Q. What is your favorite softball memory?

A. Favorite softball memory would be winning the National Championship and dogpiling at the end of the game. Best time of my life!

Q. How much value do you place on mental training? Do you have any advice for others in this area?

A. Mental training is hugely important. You can have all the talent in the world, but it'll go to waste if you're not mentally tough. The advice that I would give would be to prepare yourself in practice. If you put the work in during practice, then you'll know that you've done everything you could to prepare for that game and you can just relax and enjoy being on the field.

Q. If you could do anything else in the world as a profession, what would it be and why?

A. Hmm… In a dream world I would be a famous singer touring the country and performing for thousands of people in a huge arena!!

Q. What is the greatest obstacle you have had to overcome in your playing and/or coaching career?

A. Transitioning into coaching has been a challenge for me. I have the knowledge of the game for coaching, but it's been a big challenge being on the other side now. There's a lot more to college coaching than just being on the field, such as office work, and dealing with young women that are going through important years of their lives. I just want to help them have the same great college experience that I did so I'm constantly thinking of ways to do that.

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