Teaching The Aggressive Hitter – Ed Marcum

Coach Ed Marcum – Teaching The Aggressive Hitter. Produced By Gary Leland

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This weeks video is hosted by Coach Ed Marcum and he is teaching about the Aggressive Hitters mindset. Every fastpitch softball coach teaches hitting a little different. Main thing for softball players and any athlete is to stay relaxed. The first thing in a swing is to drive the front elbow forward and make sure to stay inside the ball. The power comes from the hips; drive the back leg forward, knee to knee. Make sure that your fastpitch softball hitters stay in. Very important that the head does not go up and down. Coach Ed Marcum goes into more detail about the basics of hitting.

Repetition is extremely important. Confidence is the key of an aggressive hitter. Hitting is so mental and to do that the girls have to be confident in what they have done. They have to be a competitor. Athletes cannot be afraid to fail, they need to learn to compete and be disciplined. Know the umpire's strike zone. To be a good hitter you need to put in as much practice time as a pitcher puts in.

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