Team Exercises – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is great for the beginning of practice or as a warm-up, incorporate these running exercises.

Players run straight ahead at 3/4 speed. They should concentrate arm swing and run at 3/4 speed, accelerate to full speed, and then slow down (about 30 yds.)

Players move sideways by sliding their right foot out and following with their left foot. They should avoid crossing or hitting their feet together. Players should keep their shoulders level and facing home plate.

Players lead off from the base. They should be standing with feet parallel to the base next to them. Have them swing their left leg over towards their right to start a run towards another base. Run to the other base. Make sure they do no turn or swivel their feet and run to the next base.

Players keep their left foot on base. Their right foot should be behind the base facing the next base. Run to the next base.

Runners should shuffle 3 to 4 times and then return to an imaginary base. Put their left foot on the base and look towards the outfield. They will then run on your command of “go”.

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