Tee Opposite Field Hitting – Hitting Drills –

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is an effective way to perfect hitting to the opposite field.

Set up a tee at home plate. Also set up 4 cones designating the zones of a left handed hitter and a right handed hitter that would hit to the opposite field.

Take 10 softballs and and locate where the laces are closest together and have that part facing you. Then mark an “X” on one of the laces.

The balls will be placed on the tee, with the “X” facing the backstop and the laces are vertical to the ground.

For left handed hitters the “X” will be on the right and for right handed hitters the “X” will be on the right.

These will give hitters a target to aim for in practicing hitting to the opposite field.

Hit 10 balls and then rotate hitters.

Adjust swing and continue drill until all balls that are hit are directed to the opposite field.

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