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Tee Stackers are a great training aid for players to use with a batting tee.

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The Tee Stackers Training Aid Review

Tee work is critical when teaching players hitting mechanics. A batting tee is a very basic tool in an arsenal of hitting equipment. Tees provide the batter with the same scenario each time the ball is placed on the top of the tee. While this greatly improves muscle memory, it can get to be too monotonous and boring. When that gets to be too simple, there is a tool to use that will also improve hand-eye coordination. The Tee Stackers are a great tool to add to the regular tee work routine.

Tee Stackers are designed to stack softballs or baseballs on top of one another. First, put one ball on the tee then place one of the two Tee Stackers on top of the ball. Then place another ball on top of the tee stacker, and then repeat the process with the last Tee Stacker. The Tee Stackers attach to one another by a plastic clasp and string that you adjust around the stacker itself. Inside the package are instructions for different tee drills using the Tee Stackers. No matter how you use them, the Tee Stackers will give your hitter a greater edge in the field.

Tee Stackers Training Aid for Softball and Baseball
The Original Tee Stackers for Softball and Baseball

By placing the softball or baseball on top of the other, this forces the hitter to focus on one ball at a time to teach proper swing planes and hand-eye coordination. If your hitter is struggling with dropping their hands the Tee Stackers would be a great tool to use. With tee work being such a critical tool for hitting success, the tee stackers provide more advanced approach to tee work. I recommend using the Tee Stackers with more practiced hitters to get the most out of the drills.

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