That Game – Fielding Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill/game is a great team bonding tool, it is fun, and also allows the practice of the basic fundamentals of the game.

Split the players into 3 teams. The game works well with 12 girls (3 teams of 4 players) and 2 coaches. One team goes to the outfield, one team plays the infield and the other team is up to bat.

One coach pitches and one catches. If there is only one coach, use a tee and have the coach play catcher. Once the ball has been hit, the team who touches the ball first has to pass the ball under their legs until it has been touched by every girl on their team. The last girl has to throw the ball to the catcher before the batter/runner makes it home. The throw home has to be a good throw and the coach receiving the throw home can stand on home plate and can stretch to catch the ball. However, he can't leave the plate.

If the ball arrives before the runner then the home team has one out. After three outs, the players rotate – the team at bat goes to outfield, the outfield team goes to infield, and the infield team goes to bat. The catch is that the pitcher can pitch as soon as a batter is up to the plate with a helmet on, so if a girl's team was just at bat, she had better be running to position herself in the outfield.

Some girls who play this game don't even take their helmets off so that they can get out as quickly as possible. They also learn teamwork. Girls will have each others gloves ready for their teammates on their way to the field and they usually have the girl with the best arm line up at the end of the line to assure a good throw home.

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