The Backspin Tee Hitting Trainer

A Revolutionary Softball Tee

The Backspin Tee is for anyone who is interested in learning how to hit line drives. This tee is the only inverted tee on the market that will help you develop the habit of hitting below what we believe to be the true middle of the ball. For more information or to purchase this tee go to

With this hitting tee your baseball or softball fits securely in an inverted cone that covers the top half of the ball to force you to focus on the middle-bottom half of the ball. It is scientifically proven that by hitting 2 centimeters below the equator line your ball will have more backspin which sends the ball farther into the field. With this tee you too can learn how to hit that perfect back spin all the time.

Backspin Tee Softball Hitting Trainer

This tee is quickly becoming one of the most popular hitting trainer tees. To improve your hitting game today and order your Backspin Tee, Go to!

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