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Anywhere Ball Product Review

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Fastpitch softball, like many other sports, is played outdoors. We rely on sunshine and moderate temperatures to play our games and practice. What happens when it rains, snows, or ices over? We are forced to move our activities indoors or miss a week of improvement. Since most teams cannot afford to skip a week of practice, they schedule their work outs inside. Using real softballs, however, is dangerous in small, cramped places. Your solution to optimal practice performance without the use of real softballs: Hit Anywhere Balls.

 These nine inch foam balls conform to any shape when pressure is applied, similar to stress balls. They have very little ricochet, and are known for being able to be thrown up against mirrors without damaging the mirror! The Hit Anywhere Balls also provide instant feedback when hitting. With each miss hit, the Anywhere Ball will pop up or down and form into an egg shape. When proper contact is made, the Anywhere Ball will maintain its shape.

Dozen Hit Anywhere Training Balls

These versatile tools are easily transportable and can be used for many different drills as well. Not only are they great for practicing hitting indoors, but they are also helpful to teach timid children to catch. Since Anywhere Balls are safe to throw and hit against mirrors, they are safe and soft enough to teach your young child to catch without fear. By teaching children to catch the Anywhere Ball first, it will be easier to make the transition to a real baseball or softball.

Never again will you have to worry about not being productive during your inside practices because of the uncertainty of using real baseballs or softballs. The Hit Anywhere Ball is the perfect indoor training aid or throwing trainer for fastpitch softball players of any age.

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