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Hitting Disk Product Review

Hitting is arguably one of the most fun and difficult aspects of the game. It takes lots of practice to be consistent and even more practice to master. One of the most basic concepts that is important to the fundamentals of hitting is keeping your hands flat through the zone. After you have accomplished that feat, the next important step is making sure your palms stay palm-up-palm-down when contact is made. Sounds like a lot to keep track of. The good thing is there is a great and simple tool you can use to practice both of these fundamentals at the same time. The Hitting Disk is a great tool to keep in your bag to use while practicing hitting.

The Hitting Disk is just what it sounds like: a flat, black, frisbee shaped piece of durable nylon. On the top of the disk is places to set your hands either for a left handed or right handed batter. To use the disk, simply hold the disk in the same vicinity where you would usually hold the bat. Then bring your hands around and let go of the disk. The disk simulates where the ball would go if you hit it with a bat. The disk gives instant feedback when thrown. When the disk stays flat, that means proper techniques were used. When the hitter drops their hands the disk turns side ways, or when they roll their wrists the disk falls straight to the ground.

Hitting Disk Softball Swing Trainer

The Hitting Disk is a great tool to give hitters to improve their game. It is simple and easy to use and gives great instant feedback for your hitter.

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