The Importance of Hitting Off a Tee

The Importance of Hitting Off a Tee, Rob Crews

Produced By Gary Leland

In this episode of the Fastpitch Softball Chat Show, Rob Crews covers the importance of working with a Tee for hitting practice. He recommends a good priority on Tee work in the off season, and continuing to work with a Tee throughout the pre-season and season.

3 Biggest Things:

1. Body Timing – You can work on the timing of your body before a pitch, practicing the different “landing” or “strides” of the hit.

2. Putting the Tee in different “spots” or locations around the plate where a pitch will be to practice swing placement.

3. How to create good backspin with good outward force.

When developing hitters, Rob feels people have different views on using a Tee and to continue doing what your doing if its working. But there are many of advantages to players working on their hitting and swing with a Tee. Rob believes its like a form of meditation, to visualize and see the pitch.

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