The Importance Of The Drop Ball – Courtney Scott

Coach Courtney Scott – The Importance Of The Drop Ball. Produced By Gary Leland

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Courtney Scott is the assistant softball coach at the University of Louisville. She talks about the importance of the drop ball for the fastpitch pitcher. The advantage of a good drop ball is that it keeps the ball in the park in an offensive game.  Allows the runners to only advance base to base.  There are four ways to throw it.

The peel drop, is the hardest to buy into but one of the most effective.  You want to grab it on the “C” and put as many fingertips on the seam and as close together as you can.  The reason for the “C” is to get on the four seams.  It creates a strong spin. Don't see a ton of break with this pitch, it is working on its own, but it is very easy on the body and be disciplined with.

The next drop ball is the rolling peel. It is held the exact same way as the peel drop.  You come through with a relaxed wrist and snap down.

The roll over is on the “U” versus on the “C”. On the right side of the “U” and using pressure points on your fingers.

The last drop is the pull back. holding it the same as the peel drop.  The difference is that you release it at your back hip.  Full force is better to get through your body and all the way through to your catcher.

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