The Path of the Hands

Written By Rob Crews

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I have recently been asking my hitters the question, “What do you hit with?”

I have gotten all sorts of answers from hips, to legs, to arms, to entire body. Quite frankly, I do not believe that any of those answers are fundamentally incorrect, but there is certainly a best answer. So what is the best answer to that question? What does a hitter hit with?

I would have to say, “hands.” Let's take a look at that answer for a second. Keep in mind that I only say hands, because I want the hitters to focus more on hand path. It seems that so many young hitters are focused more on legs and spinning -which undoubtedly affects or misdirected the hand path in such a way that it creates bad spin and flight of the batted ball.

Since the bat is actually in our hands, not our legs, arms, or hips, let's take a closer look. First of all, let's look at preparation for the Prom. The most important piece to the preparation is undoubtedly the dress. Everything else, including the shoes, purse, jewelry, and even the prom date is nothing more than an accessory. Accessories which support or enhance the dress -not overshadow it.

In hitting, the hands would be the dress -the most important part of the physical swing. Everything else in the physical swing would be the accessories as they are supporting the hand path -not taking away from hand path. In other words, accessories as they are supporting the hand path – not taking away from hand path. In other words, anything that a hitter does that takes the hand path out of the strike zone or off the path of creating the appropriate angle to the ball, is no longer an accessory but a hindrance. Hence, we need to address it.

We address the accessories with drills. Drills that actually improve, enhance, and support the hand path. Here are some ideas for drills that can improve hand path:


Rob Crews Rob Crews is based in Southern New York, and is one of the most sought after hitting coaches in the country. He is the Author of the book, Complete Game: The Emotional Dynamics of In-Game Focus.Rob provides consultant services for hitting coaches and develops hitting models for professional, olympic, and amateur softball and baseball programs. He served as the hitting coach for USSSA Pride (NPF) in their 2010 championship season, along with Tim Walton (UF), and Beth Torina (LSU).

As a consultant to companies like SKLZ, AXIS Bats, Bratt Sports, and MicroGate USA, Rob is continually developing comprehensive accelerated training systems that involve modern sports psych, neuromechanics, and visual strategies for efficiency in recognition and tracking.

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