The Q Sport – Jennie Ritter Interviewed by Gary Leland

The Q Sport – Produced By Gary Leland

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This week I am joined by Jennie Ritter, and we talk about her new venture The Q Sport located on the web at

Jennie Ritter joins us to talk about the Q Sport! The concept of the Q sport is a testing program for athletes physically and mentally. It's 14 different tests that, overall, will show college coaches how the player will handle not only physical, but mental situations in a college softball atmosphere.

What makes this particular test so unique is the mental testing. The test will actually show how each of the softball players are thinking. Jennie emphasizes the benefits of this part of the test for the reason that when a coach finds out that a player is not mentally fit for a college softball program it is too late and that only hurts that player and the team as well.

This program is also beneficial to college coaches for the reason that when they have to find a particular player for certain positions that they are trying to fill or develop on their college softball team then they can use all of the information on the test to aid them in the right direction.

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