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Strike Zone Mat


A great portable home plate with marked pitching zones.

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A great portable home plate with marked pitching zones.

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Strike Zone Mat Product Review

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One of the ways we rate pitchers effectiveness in fastpitch softball is the way she is able to paint the corners. From 43 feet away, home plate is difficult to see, especially when trying to see the edges to know where to place the ball. As a pitcher, you are already concentrating on so many different things; why not make one of them easier? The Strike Zone Mat is a great tool used to show pitchers the different areas on the plate in easy-to-see colors.

The Strike Zone Mat is a portable home plate printed on a rectangular mat. Underneath home plate are five different areas painted in red, yellow, or green. Red indicates that the pitch is too much in the zone. Yellow indicates that the pitch is not perfect, but it might be just enough out of the zone to make it more difficult for the hitter. Green indicates that the pitch is the perfect distance out of the zone to make it difficult for the hitter and still be able to be called a strike by the umpire. The green zones represent the corners of the plate.

Strike Zone Mat softball baseball training aid

The Portable Strike Zone Mat!

When using the Strike Zone Mat your pitcher will be able to see where her pitches are crossing the plate with greater ease. The bright colors on the mat make it easy for her to focus on the pitch she is throwing instead of where it ended. This is a great tool to use with movement pitches to see where your pitch started and where it broke to.

In fastpitch softball, the ability to move the ball in and around the strike zone is what makes a pitcher so great. The Strike Zone Mat is a tool to help improve a pitcher’s awareness of where the zones are to help improve her game.

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