Throw Max (Review)

Throw Max

Throw Max

The ThrowMAX Flexible Arm Brace is designed to keep players from using incorrect arm motions.  This goes for both baseball pitchers and fielders, as well as softball pitchers and fielders.

You see a lot of players overcompensate with their elbow or not get their shoulder in the right place to be able to throw properly.  That is why so many “overhead” athletes have shoulder surgery or elbow surgery. The ThrowMAX allows your athletes to develop proper throwing technique.

The brace is put on their throwing are around the elbow. By not allowing the arm to bend much beyond 90 degrees, players will automatically compensate by raising their elbow to shoulder height or higher. For a fastpitch pitcher it is put on the same way.  They will be able to work on the spin of the ball with their wrist versus using their elbow.  It goes the same way for a baseball pitcher.  There are so many pitchers that have to have Tommy John's surgery (elbow surgery) because they have strained or ruptured the tendons in their elbow. This brace will prevent them from over stretching their elbow.

It can be worn in practice or lessons as a training tool and in games to prevent the athlete to going back to bad habits.  The more that it is worn the more muscle memory that will be built.

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