The Windmill Trainer aka The Perfect Circle (Review)

The Windmill Trainer Softball Pitching Aid for Pitchers

Windmill Softball Trainer

The Windmill Trainer aka The Perfect Circle is a training system designed to teach the proper placement of the hand in the release zone. This pitching aid can be used with advanced pitchers that have formed bad habits or new pitchers that are learning the correct motion.

The Windmill Softball Trainer comes with a strap that goes around your push off leg and a video to help make sure that you know what the purpose is for the trainer.

The band goes around your thigh on the leg that you push of the rubber with. The flag goes in the center of your thigh. The goal is to hit the flag every time that you complete the windmill motion. If you do not hit it one of two things has happened. Either you have tried to avoid you hips by leaving a gap or you have closed off your hips too soon. The tool is great for a pitcher to do in front of a mirror so she does not get in the habit of looking down to try  to hit the target. This will allow her to practice by herself, make self corrections, and does not require another person to be there.

This training system is a great pitching aid whether you are working on basic mechanics or on the advance pitching mechanics of the windmill motion such as: FASTBALL, CHANGE-UP, DROPBALL, SCREWBALL, RISEBALL, AND CURVEBALL.

The Windmill Trainer Softball Pitching Aid

Recommended by pitching coach Bill Hillhouse.

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Here is a short video about the Windmill Trainer for you.

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