Think, Run and React – Base Running Drill

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Fastpitch Drills

This drill is great for working on the basic fundamentals of base running.

Players line up at home plate

The first player swing an imaginary bat and sprint to first base running through through the base and two steps past, then look to the right for an overthrow.

After all the players take the run to first base then the players line up in foul territory by first base.

First player takes a two-step lead, looking at home for imaginary pitch. The coach in player's line-of-sight and holds up any number of fingers on one hand, simulating the ball hit by a batter. The player yells out the number and sprints to second base, loops out before second, lines up and sprints to third.

(Optional: slide into second base)

After that sequence the players line up in foul territory next to third. One at a time, they take the lead and upon command from the coach, come back, check the catch of an imaginary fly ball in the outfield, tag up and score.

Players line up at home plate while the coach is beyond first base in the baseline to second. Each player swings and ‘hits' a double sprints and loops out before first and runs to second, while avoiding running out of running path and into the coach.

Players take their lead off at second looking at home plate. The coach is in their line-of-sight and holds up two hands. Players yell out the correct number of fingers the coach is holding up and sprint to third, loop out and run through third, staying ‘off the grass' and score.

(Other options: a. Hit a triple. Follow with a lead from third and score on a passed ball. b. Hit a home run. c. Hit a single to the outfield, round first, and coach yells ‘go' or ‘back'. If coach yells ‘go', players have the option of sliding into second.)

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