Throw It Right Training Aid Review

Throw It Right Product Review

In fastpitch softball one of the first things you are taught as a player is the proper way to throw. Learning to throw can be one of the most difficult things to learn and hardest things to teach. The best way to perfect a skill is to practice it. Throwing can even be difficult to practice because you require another person and an outdoor space. Why is throwing one of the most difficult and fundamental parts of softball? Well, I don’t have that answer, but I do have a product that can assist in throwing and is easy to use. Plus you can use it indoor! The product for you today is the Throw It Right Softball.

Throw It Right softball training aid package

The Throw It Right softball is a foam ball that is attached to a red and green tube through the middle of the ball. The softball has two indentions on top, for finger placement, and one indention on the bottom, for thumb placement. When your player is holding the ball correctly (palm out), the green part of the tube will face out and provide instant feedback. When they are holding the ball incorrectly (palm in), the red part of the tube will face out ward. The correct throwing motion shows the green side of the tube through the whole rotation. At any time, if the red part shows that means you have improper throwing motion. Your athlete could stand and go through their throwing rotation as many times as possible with the Throw It Right to create proper muscle memory.

Throw It Right Softball Throwing Aid

This is a great tool to keep in your arsenal of throwing accessories. Especially for your athletes who put just as much work in at home as they do on the field. It is simple and easy to use. Since the Throw-It-Right provides instant feedback your player can use this alone and understand what she is doing wrong immediately, and be able to correct her form in the next rotation. This is a great tool for softball players of all ages. Whether you are just learning, or just need some tune up on your throwing mechanics the Throw-It-Right is the perfect throwing tool for you.

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