Throwing To Bases – Rachel Folden

rachelObjective: Helps train catchers to get the ball out of their glove quickly and make the throw.

Set Up
Draw a line between your feet in the catcher’s box or where you set up.
From the middle of that line, draw a line in the direction of each base.
You will either have a T (more like a + to second base) or a V (to first or third base).
Have someone throwing you pitches from the front.

As the pitch comes in, hop on your T or your V in one quick motion, all while getting the ball out of the glove.

Try not to close your glove to catch the ball, unless the ball is way out of the strike zone. Instead, merely use your glove as a guide to bring the ball to your throwing hand.

When throwing to third base, go behind a batter. When throwing to first base, go in front of a batter. This will disguise your throw better and make it easier to see the base.

When throwing to second, always aim for 1-2 ft over top of the bag.

When throwing to first or third, lead the defensive player there, as most are later getting to those bags. Be willing to throw a “touchdown” to these players, don’t just aim over the bag.

You can use a runner or a stand-in batter whenever possible.

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