My Top 5 Fastpitch Softball Backpacks

My Top 5 Softball Backpacks For Fastpitch, Slowpitch or Baseball. Written By Gary Leland

Louisville Slugger EBS714-SP Series 7 Stick Pack Softball Backpacks 1. Louisville Slugger Series 7 Stickpack

If color is what you’re looking for in softball backpacks, look no further. The Louisville Slugger Series 7 Stickpack comes in 9 bright colors. It holds up to 4 bats, has a vented outer compartment for a batting helmet, features a hard outer pocket for any valuables, and can hook to any fence with ease.

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Easton Walk-Off II Bat Pack Softball Backpacks 2. Easton Walk-Off II Batpack

Perfect for players and coaches alike, the Easton Walk-Off II has plenty of room everything they will need. This bag comes in 6 colors, can hold up to 2 bats, has a vented outer pocket for a batting helmet, and a large center compartment. It also has a small zippered pocket to hold valuables and a padded laptop sleeve.

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DeMarini VooDoo Paradox Softball Backpacks 3. DeMarini Voodoo Paradox

Dirty and smelly cleats finally have a place of their own in the DeMarini Voodoo Paradox! This bat pack has a vented cleat compartment on the bottom of the bag so all of the mess stays away from the rest of your player’s equipment. It features two bat sleeves. The Voodoo Paradox comes in 8 popular team colors and has a generous center compartment.

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Mizuno Organizer G3 Softball Backpacks 4. Mizuno Organizer G3

This Mizuno softball backpacks have a pocket and compartment for everything you need for a big tournament. It features a shoe compartment, large center pocket, two outer pockets, fence hooks, and comes in 8 vibrant colors. The Organizer G3 can hold up to 2 bats, which are secured in a mesh pocket with a drawstring closure.

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Louisville Slugger EBS914-SP Series 9 Stick Pack Softball Backpacks 5. Louisville Slugger Series 9 Stickpack

This bag is massive! Louisville Slugger took everything that was great about the Series 7 stickpack and made it even better. The Series 9 batpack not only has a huge center compartment, but also holds 4 bats in zippered sleeves and an expandable bottom compartment for a glove, cleats, or whatever you want to keep separate from the rest of your equipment.

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