Have You Trained Your Mind Today?

Have You Trained Your Mind Today?

Have You Trained Your Mind Today? By Mike Tully

If you're serious about your softball, chances are:

* You've done lots of reps in the weight room.
* You've done lots of reps on the field..

But how many mental reps have you done today? In the last week? In the last year?

Most people would have to admit, “Not many.”

Well, if you've read this far, you're serious and interested in hearing more.

Here's what's vital for you to know: You will NEVER perform better than your mind will let you. That means you must train your mind as well as your body.

Mental training is not complicated. In fact, it's just the opposite. Anyone can do it.

Here are two things you can do today to start your personal mental training program.

First, use affirmations. What are they? Affirmations are carefully selected words that reflect the ideal you. Here are some:

“I know I can come through in the clutch because I've done it before.”
“I have everything I need to win.”
“I compete with the heart of a lion.”
“Today is my day.”
“I practice with a purpose, and that purpose is to succeed.”

You can use any of these or make up your own. They must be positive and reflect the person you are becoming.

Second, become a champion goal-setter.

Write your goals down.
Make them big.
Carry them with you at all times and refer to them often.

This will give you an incredible advantage. Most people don't have goals. You do. Most people don't write their goals down. You do. Most people don't carry their goals with them. You do.

There it is, the start of your personal mental training program. If you do these two things every day, you will get better faster. Remember, you will NEVER perform better than your mind lets you.

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Mike TullyMike Tully is a former international sports writer who turned to coaching in high school and in the NCAA. He now speaks and writes on getting the most out of practice time. He blogs at TotalGamePlan.com. He's co-author of “Think Better, Win More!: How Sport Psychology Can Make You a Champion.” Catch him on Facebook at Facebook.com/TotalGamePlan, on Twitter @TotalGamePlan.

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