5 Great Training Aids For Fastpitch Softball Hitters

5 Great Training Aids For Fastpitch Softball Hitters Written By Gary Leland

Hands Inside Trainer1. Hands Inside Trainer

Need a friendly reminder to keep a short swing? The Hands Inside Trainer (H.I.T.) is a sideways horse shoe shaped tee attachment. The ball actually sits in the attachment! If the hitter casts even a little bit, they will hit the attachment, not the ball. Use it for all of your tee work and watch your swing path improve!

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Insider Bat2. Insider Bat

Keeping your hands inside of the ball is one of the most important components of hitting. The Insider Bat is curved to force the hitter to use proper form to hit the ball. With a paddle on the end, if the hitter casts the Insider Bat, they will not hit the ball. It reinforces good swing habits and helps create positive muscle memory.

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Hitaway3. Hit-A-Way

Do you want to practice but don’t have anyone to throw to you? The SKLZ Hit-A-Way is exactly what you need for times like these. Just attach the trainer to a fence post, tree, or other stable pole, wrap the ball around the pole, let it go, and start hitting!

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BallStickers4. Ball Stickers

“Keep your eye on the ball!” We have all heard this multiple times in our lives. Now we have a tool to make it easier to watch the ball. Ball Stickers are different colors and shapes and can stick onto any softball with ease. Have your players call out the shape and/or color before they hit it to ensure they are really keeping their eye on the ball.

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